This year, according to most of the eMarketers, one billion people all over the world will get internet access and almost 250 million families will get broadband. Even though Asia accounts for 56 % of the world population merely 10 % of them have access to the Internet presently. With the swift economic growth of Asian countries this digit will improve noticeably in the upcoming years. This omnipresent character of the Internet is compelling companies to adopt the Internet as a marketing as well as sales channel assertively. Several companies have embraced Internet based technologies to modernize their vital business procedures and profiting a great deal from it.

Import Export companies are no exception to it. Several export import companies are utilizing the Internet to improve customer base, strike into new markets, research competitors, discover new products and estimate country opportunities. However, several of these same companies are even now dawdling in realizing eBusiness features in their regular business activities and consequently fall short to earn the exact value from the application of the Internet. Trading companies – that are even now not performing online business transactions – should check on the instances of their retail counterparts and embrace eCommerce strategies as soon as possible.

As stated by a recent study performed by Forrester Research, retail sales are likely to rise 20 % to US$ 211.4 billion – a two times growth from just three years ago. Whether you are in an exporting business or in an importing one it does not make any distinction, by applying eCommerce and toting up some of the fundamental eBusiness roles to your website you can also make profit from this trend.

Electronic commerce or ecommerce is the procedure of selling products via Internet. There are two separate sections of eCommerce – one, Business to Business and the other is Business to Consumers. Retailers are commonly relevant to B2C and import export traders are generally more to the B2B sector. That’s why you are required to understand that the components of eCommerce you may require in your website will be according to your business type.