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Greg Lucier has long been associated with life technologies and the company today is selling at a whopping 13.6 billion dollars. A company named Thermo Fisher is more than eager to purchase life technologies and hence, life technologies will no longer have an independent existence of its own. Life technology is one of the most well know biology tools company and it will be a setback for some of the insiders to not have life technology in its existing form. It is a highly valued company and a lot of people are going to feel bad about it. However, one person who has credit to this stature of the company is Greg Lucier.

The huge transaction will take place any time soon. At present, it is awaiting approval from life tech share holders. Once that is done, the company will be deemed as sold. This is bound to happen at least by the first phase of next year. The transaction is awaited with baited breath by all who are heavily involved in the industry. The transaction is going to affect the industry highly. It will also affect the man behind the company – Greg Lucier. For, he is why the company stands where it stands today. He is also the reason that the company is drawing such a high bid.

However, the company will not entirely disappear from scene. The purchasers will handle the company according to their own will. It may or may not grow like it was growing before. There are a lot of hopes from the purchases as well. For, everyone wishes to see where they shall take the company after Greg Lucier. In no time, Thermo Fisher will be investing in the biology tools giant – Life technologies and it is expected that they shall take the company to new heights. This remains to be seen and all the industry insiders have eyes set on fisher, especially lovers of Greg Lucier.
Greg Lucier
For one’s knowledge, Greg Lucier’s full name is Gregory T Lucier and what happens to him after the transaction is undecided. However, loyal as ever Greg has decided to continue as the CEO until the day of transaction. He will work for the profit of his company just like he did before the transaction. Only and only a man of stature can say such thing. However, Lucier isn’t sure of his next steps. Yet, one might expect him to be a great company leader once again very soon. Isn’t it very specific of Lucier to take any company to heights unreachable? One will surely find him doing the same pretty soon.

Thermo fisher shall pay $76 for each share of the company to have it goes thru. So far, one has heard these announcements about Greg Lucier and Life Technologies. One cannot predict any further announcements and one will have to wait for the gurus themselves. None the less Greg Lucier’s contribution to the company has been incredible.