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Know How Online Reputation Can Affect Your Business
Danny DeMichele, the marketing guru for online companies through his book “Complaints, Reviews and Legal Extortion” explains how the online reviews about a business is going to affect it. He explains the need for good reputation management for online companies. Danny DeMichele has worked with many clients and helped them to rebuild their lost online reputation. Danny Michele through the knowledge acquired during his work is trying to help the business owners to prevent any reputation problem.

Most of the business owners are not aware about the threats in the cyber space. Negative comments are the most important factor which will keep the customers away from the business. Even a single negative comment given in any website can create a negative impact to your business. The reviews given by a customer can make or break a business. Moreover the online reviews can provide the necessary information to improve your product or service offered online.

Danny DeMichele encourages the business owners to monitor the online conversations about the business and to interact with the customers to get benefitted. Most of the time the comments get posted without the knowledge of business owners and the negative comments results in the declining of sales. So, it is necessary for the business owners to learn the technique of effective reputation management by acquiring the copy of “Complaints, Reviews and Online Extortion.”
Business Reputation
A disgruntled former employee or an unsatisfied customer can easily tarnish the image of your business through the social media. This is a dangerous situation as most people use the social media sites to know about a product. A business leader can learn to handle the situations in a better way through this book. Sometimes the comments which are negative really show a genuine problem. In such cases necessary actions should be taken at the earliest to avoid further damage to the business.

Danny DeMichele reviews how reviews can be used for the betterment of business through “Complaints, Reviews and Online Extortion.” It is necessary for business owners to encourage the satisfied clients to give online reviews. The effect of one negative comment can be overcome by many positive reviews. Danny DeMichele suggests the business owners to do frequent name searches of the company to find out whether there are any negative remarks which will affect the business badly and to take necessary steps to counter the remark and gain the confidence of customers.