Apple has reportedly won a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility regarding a smartphone feature described as ‘slide-to-unlock’. The feature enables user to unlock his or her Motorola smartphone by simply swiping his or her finger from one side to another side of the phone. This is the first victory of the tech giant against Motorola Mobility in all over the world.

Florian Mueller, the world famous consultant of patent cited that the judgment could have been a significant impact on these patent dispute cases which presently involving with the Android device manufacturers worldwide. A spokesperson for Motorola informed that the firm would re-appeal to the court against the judgment and also mentioned that the judgment would not hamper its future sales or supplies.

Another spokesperson for the firm while discussing about the judgment explained that Apple brought the patent claim against Motorola in Munich in Germany. The litigation involved a phone unlocking feature incorporated in Motorola smartphones sold in Germany. The firm declared further that it would be implementing a different unlocking feature in future devices and thus the court-ruling would no impact on its sales. The tech giant refused to comment on that topic.

Motorola Mobility is in the process of being acquired by Google, and most of its handsets run on the search firm’s mobile operating system, Android. Motorola Mobility is in its way to being taken over by Google and almost all of the Motorola devices runs Google’s popular mobile platform, Android.

Android is the toughest contender of Apple in the mobile market. Mr Mueller marked the judgment as Apple’s major triumph over its strongest rival, Android. According to industry experts Apple-Motorola patent dispute is going to fetch significant attention in the mobile market after the global patent war between Apple and Samsung.